The Piedmont Red and White Association represents the partnership of several Piedmontese small wine producers, with the aim of promoting a large number of local specialities.

The Piedmont Red and White Members’ mission is to deliver worldwide highly valued Italian products, recognized for excellence, quality and produced through environmentally sustainable practices.

As small wine producers we believe excellence is a matter of experience and attention to details. Everyone in Italy is aware of the care necessary to carry out our work. We look after our land day in and day out. Our traditions have been handed down from generation to generation, preserving high quality grapes and first-class wines. Our products are the essence of the place where we grew up and live.

Contact us

Piedmont Red and White
+39 0171 447 211

piazza Foro Boario, 18
12100 Cuneo

Legal Head Office
via Pio VII, 97
10135 Torino